Evoqua launches hydraulic system for filter presses

The J-Power Mark V will now be the standard hydraulic system on all small to-medium sized JW brand J-Press filter presses sized from 630 - 1200 mm. It is the result of a @Evoqua launches innovative hydraulic system for JWI filter presses.

It is the result of a year-long design process and the fifth generation of hydraulic design improvements over the 40-year history of the J-Press filter press. The new design allows for compressed air to be released immediately when closing the press, and includes a more efficient flow of oil saving wear on the hydraulic pump. These efficiencies increase the lifetime of the pump and related components.

These improvements also create a better user experience for the filter press operator. Closing the press now results in an immediate follower plate stop as a result of the improvements in compressed air release. This improved usability increases the safety of the operator and improves the time it takes to discharge the filter cake.