Evaporator design to debut at Weftec 2014

The compact evaporator has been designed specifically for the concentration of wastewaters of small to moderate daily flow rates and to help make thermal evaporation a viable treatment option.

The Caloris Cubix Evaporator can help customers achieve a higher concentration of total solids than can be achieved by rising or falling film evaporator systems. 

“Caloris Cubix Evaporators can benefit a variety of industrial clients who need to treat wastewater continuously and efficiently, and to reuse the resulting clean water within their operations,” said Tom Pyper, Caloris packaged systems manager. 

High concentration

The Cubix features improved heat transfer surfaces to thermal efficiency, highly turbulent flow through flooded tubes to minimise surface fouling and an optional recirculation system upgrade which can accommodate liquids of extreme viscosities.

Evaporated vapours are condensed and discharged as clean water, often suitable for re-use and the evaporator produces concentrations much higher than any comparable system.