Eurocopter authorises sale of Pall’s EAPS to helicopter operators

The EC135 from is the helicopter of choice for police and helicopter emergency medical services (HEMSs) worldwide. The virtually maintenance free, ‘fit and forget’ Centrisep EAPS from Pall Corporation helps enable permanent availability and rapid launch of the helicopters. The systems can be fitted on new build helicopters or retrofitted on existing helicopters.

Pall’s Centrisep EAPS protects helicopter engines from airborne contamination by utilizing centrifugal force to continuously remove particles, such as sand, dust and salt spray, before they can enter the engine air intake. The technology extends the life of a helicopter engine against erosion, while enhancing engine safety, reliability, availability and performance. Unlike other systems, there is no need for regular maintenance and cleaning, and since the unit does not become blocked, there is no need for complicated by-pass doors.

Jim Western, president, Pall Aerospace, said: “Pall’s Centrisep EAPS is the filtration standard for peak helicopter engine performance. The EC135 version has been specially designed to match the aerodynamic profile of the helicopter. The system is an excellent example of Pall’s ability to partner with OEMs to customize filtration solutions for their individual equipment needs.”