ESG Clean Energy’s water removal technology more than doubles carbon-capture rate

ESG Clean Energy LLC says that ongoing testing results at its 4.4MW gas-powered power generation plant facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA indicate the company’s patented water removal technology enables at least twice as much carbon to be captured per pound of adsorbent.

Image © MdAlaminRahman - Adobe Stock.

"These results represent another significant milestone in the development and commercialization of our clean energy system,” said Nick Scuderi, president of ESG Clean Energy. “We were confident we would see these numbers, but it is nice to have them validated with data from an operational unit and finally see the proof in our design.”

ESG Clean Energy’s patented water removal system consists of an advanced ceramic membrane incorporated into a unique mechanical cooling system. It is designed to be used on large and small systems and can be retrofitted onto current operating power plants.

Following a previous installation and testing of its water removal system, ESG assembled and started testing its carbon capture prototype, using zeolite, and recent analyses show that water removal increased carbon capture by 100% per pound of adsorbent. This will significantly reduce the size and cost of carbon capture systems, making them much easier and economical to implement.

ESG Clean Energy plans on implementing this technology across all its planned facilities and has licensed the technology to a subsidiary of Camber Energy for all of Canada and multiple locations in the United States.