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Eriez showcases eddy current separator

Eriez says that the RecX-E achieves significantly greater separation of valuable nonferrous metals than existing products and can be applied to a wide variety of mixed waste streams. It enables materials recycling facility (MRF) operators to improve revenue and profit from fines material waste.

The range features two rotors for fines separation: the ST2 for materials typically above 25 mm in diameter, and the ST22 model for particle sizes less than 25 mm. The eddy current separator ST22 model features an ultra-thin carbon-fibre shell, advanced magnet circuitry and specially designed splitter plate and reportedly achieves the highest grade of separation for fines nonferrous metals in the industry.

“Eriez’s new developments in nonferrous metal recovery will allow recyclers and waste processors to stop throwing away money to landfill,” said Eriez Europe sales director Gareth Meese. “So far, we have seen customers achieve an aluminium flake reduction of 92% from a single pass or a clean PET flake yield of between 97 and 99%.”