Epuramat launches new version of Box4Water

The new version of Box4Water from Epuramat treats 120m3 sewage per day, equivalent to the amount of wastewater from 600 inhabitants.

Box4Water uses an energy-efficient and chemicals-free process to treat the sewage.

“Our new Box4Water is a result of dedicated development and close customer relations. The positive response through immediate orders proves our concept of providing decentralised wastewater treatment solutions in compact design is thoughtful and attractive,” said Epuramat sales and marketing director Dirk Martin.

Epuramat says that the new Box4Water allows site operators to treat their wastewater on site where it is generated instead of transporting it over long distances to the next municipal wastewater treatment plant. The same applies for remote communities. The system is also suitable for the industrial sector in re-use of industrial process water and the relief or existing, overloaded wastewater treatment plants.