ELGA’s online calculator aims for money savings

ELGA Process Water, the Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, has launched a new service, Reco Solutions, to help professionals improve water and energy efficiency, and reduce costs. Reco Solutions is a website that can help companies optimise their water systems, save money and adopt a more sustainable approach to minimise their impact on the environment, claims ELGA. 

The new website provides an on-line calculator that can show just how much you can potentially save by using ELGA Process Water’s market leading technologies.

'See how improving your boiler make-up water treatment will reduce blowdown, saving both water and energy, or how recovering waste water from your reverse osmosis system reduces your water footprint,' says the company's publicity. 'Enter the basic operational details of your system into the on-line calculator and you can see at a glance the cost savings and return on investment. Reco Solutions is a vital tool for decision making and will help you to understand the benefits of investing in sustainable strategies such as water reuse and wastewater recovery.' You can find Reco Solutions at www.recosolutions.co.uk