DXP Enterprises strengthens focus on water and wastewater

Distributor DXP Enterprises Inc is expanding in the water and wastewater markets in Illinois, Wisconsin and California with the acquisitions of Drydon Equipment Inc and Burglingame Engineers.

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Drydon is a distributor and manufacturers representative of pumps, valves, controls and process equipment for the water and wastewater industry in the Central and Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan territories and markets. California-based Burlingame provides water and wastewater equipment for the industrial and municipal sectors.

“We are pleased to announce these acquisitions and start the year off with great additions to our water and wastewater growth efforts,” said David Little, CEO of DXP Enterprises. “These acquisitions are consistent with our growth strategy and demonstrate our commitment to expanding DXP into the water and wastewater treatment markets as well as maintaining our leading position as the largest distributor of rotating equipment in North America.”

Drydon and Burlingame had 2021 sales of approximately US$8.9 million.

“Drydon and Burlingame complement our recent focus on water and wastewater acquisitions and provide us with platforms in their respective markets to effectively serve the water and wastewater customer needs. We look forward to scaling the businesses and further diversifying DXP,” said Kent Yee, chief financial officer of DXP Enterprises.