De Nora introduces retrofit programme

De Nora is offering a retrofit programme, the ClorTec Gen III, to help existing customers upgrade their ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generators (OSHGs), helping them improve safety and prepare for future US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. 

The ClorTec Gen III upgrade helps customers to plan for the EPA’s recommended bromate, chlorate and perchlorate limits and is designed for systems that handle volumes of 450lbs/day or more and are over five years old. The programme improves safety with reduced disinfection by-product impact and lowers operating costs for more efficient on-site hypochlorite generation.

The company says that an upgraded ClorTec sodium hypochlorite generator will offer safety, with less than 1% chlorine concentration and a low disinfection by-product impact. It will also bring lower operating costs as higher efficiency requires lower amounts of salt, a big part of operating costs.  In addition, it has a simple system design, high quality parts, and long electrolyser life, alongside a low carbon footprint impact and no plastic packaging of chemicals.