De Nora contributes to Myanmar drinking water project

De Nora Water Technologies' CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination system has been selected to provide safe drinking water to around 60,000 households in Mandalay, Myanmar.

This is part of a 1.797 billion yen deal signed in September 2016 with Tobishima Cooperation for the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar aimed at enhancing the water supply systems in Mandalay with the installation of new pipes, wells, tanks, pumps and water meters.

As part of the work, De Nora is supplying its CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination system for the project’s disinfection facility, which will ensure the safety of the drinking water.

The CECHLO-NS Brine electrochlorination system offers an alternative to the traditional gas chlorination method, which involves the risk of delivery or storage of hazardous chemicals such as high-pressure chlorine. The De Nora system is able to generate sodium hypochlorite on-site at 1% strength,by applying direct current electricity onto brine and water.

Construction is underway in the Pyi Gyi Tagon township, which only has 6% water supply coverage due to its rapid increase in population, as well as the construction of commercial facilities over the last few years.

The project is scheduled for completion by July 2018.