Cyprus SWRO plant using ERI’s PX Pressure Exchanger devices

Nirosoft Industries’ desalination plant will provide approximately 50,000 m³ (10.5 million gallons) of fresh drinking water per day to 120,000 people. Nirosoft selected Energy Recovery's PX-260 PX Pressure Exchanger energy recovery devices for the Cyprus desalination plant to reduce energy use and operational costs at the Limassol facility. Cyprus hopes to fully meet its water needs through desalination by 2011.

Emad Al Sharif, global sales director of Energy Recovery Inc said: “This is the sixth desalination plant in Cyprus in which our PX devices are implemented, and we are continuing to make energy efficient SWRO desalination a reality for the island country to serve hundreds-of-thousands of its people with fresh, potable water. We have been a part of the success of desalination in Cyprus for many years, and the addition of the Limassol facility's PX device implementations underlines our superior performance, reliability, cost and energy savings here and beyond.”