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Cummins Filtration releases Fleetguard ES Compleat OAT (organic acid technology) coolant

The NAP-free ES Compleat OAT coolant from Cummins Filtration provides the anti-freeze, anti-boil, heat transfer and corrosion protection required of today’s fully formulated, heavy duty antifreeze/coolant. The new formulation meets ASTM and the performance specifications of most major OEMs including those for Cummins (CES 14603), Detroit Diesel, MAN, Volvo, MACK and Navistar.

The coolant has extended service intervals of 300,000 miles (500,000 km or 6,000 hrs), ES Compleat OAT offers freeze protection to -34 F° and provides ultimate liner pitting, corrosion, aluminum and solder protection for longer system life. The coolant is compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other non-metallics in the engine and is suitable for all diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines.

Doug Hudgens, senior technical advisor for Cummins Filtration, aid: “We take environmental responsibility very seriously at Cummins Filtration. Being able to support sustainability with an OAT coolant that also offers excellent protection is very important to our mission. We have long supported the importance of greener solutions through all our product development, and we are very pleased to introduce our new environmentally friendly NAP-free OAT Coolant to the marketplace.”