China to lead ultrapure water equipment purchases

This is the most recent prediction in Ultrapure Water World Markets published by McIlvaine Company. The large investment in new coal-fired power plants and the accompanying need for boiler feedwater have lifted China to the top position. The U.S. activity in pharmaceuticals is part of the reason it will hold second place. The other is the construction of combined cycle gas turbine power plants.

Table 1: Ion Exchange and Electrodeionization (EDI) systems ($ thousands)
Country  2017
China 28,168
United States  26,198
India 15,227
Taiwan 12,997
Japan 12,906
South Korea 11,151
Germany 4,726
Brazil  4,689
United Kingdom  3,949
Russia 3,888
France  3,433
Mexico 2,477
Italy 2,207
Indonesia 2,137
Canada 1,969
Spain 1,845
Turkey 1,739
Other Africa 1,509
Poland 1,402
Australia 1,391
Vietnam 1,318
South Africa 1,284
Other Middle East  1,204
Iran 1,182
Thailand 1,162