Certification helps WPL push into French market

WPL Diamond ready for installation.
WPL Diamond ready for installation.

WPL was already certified for compact plants serving up to five population equivalent (PE) but has now been granted certification to serve up to 20 PE. Under French legislation smaller packaged plants require additional certification beyond the standard EU regulation.

Brittany-based Jon Strutt, whose company Arti Construction distributes WPL treatment units in France, said: “This new certification will enable us to push ahead and make new inroads into the French market. The main advantage of the WPL Diamond compact plants is they have nothing electrical inside the plant, there are no moving parts and nothing corrosive. The design is pretty fool proof and extremely low maintenance.”

WPL Diamond units are fitted underground and need only a small excavation due to the compact design. The units, which are among the smallest on the market, will be transported in kit form and put together by a French team. Spare parts, maintenance, after sales and service teams will all be based in France, creating skilled jobs in the region.

Andrew Baird of WPL said: “Gaining this certification means WPL customers in France can be confident the WPL Diamond packaged plant is compliant according to French and European regulations.”

WPL has more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing packaged sewage plants. The company says its Diamond Compact unit is low maintenance, highly reliable and has a low environmental impact while treating wastewater to the highest standards.

The company, together with distributor partners, is currently assembling a team of engineers in order to offer customers in France the best possible service. Diamond Compact units sold in France will be assembled in France in order to reduce the adverse environmental impact of transporting assembled units.