Centrifuges remove chips and fines

Unwanted solids have a detrimental effect on coolant performance and longevity and cause lost production when removed by traditional methods. The presence of chips and fines in a sump or system can cause corrosion via galvanic reaction, making it necessary to continuously remove the unwanted contaminant without delaying a plant's operation.According to Eriez Hydroflow, its solids-from-liquid centrifuges are specifically engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications. These units are designed for a wide variety of operations, including machining, grinding and sawing, water jet cutting, de-scaling, precious metals recovery, rolling and tube mills, parts washers and many more.The company adds that many companies prefer to remove solids on a continuous basis without the need for disposable media. These companies can benefit from the solids-from-liquid centrifuges, which provide continuous media free filtration to remove solids from their industrial fluids.