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Ceco Peerless separators delivered to Middle East

Ceco Environmental has delivered large-scale 3-phase horizontal separators for one of the largest country gathering centres in the Middle East.

The separators, spanning more than 24 000mm or 80 feet in length, are the first group in an overall order of five that will be part of a multi-stage process that includes the separation of gas, water and oil to meet quality required for downstream operations.

The low-pressure separators were delivered to the customer at the Oman port where a ship carried them to their final destination.

The five separators will be the heart of a gathering centre receiving crude from various production operations which will process over 120 000 barrels of oil per day.

“This multi-million USD order is one of the largest wins for our Middle East Peerless brand and contributed to a record year for Middle East bookings,” said David Barker, managing director for Ceco Environmental EMEA.

Two additional high-pressure separators will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Ceco Environmental says it has been responding to growing demand in the Middle East as oil companies develop new processing infrastructure and expand existing infrastructure.