Ceco Environmental acquires UK-based Western Air Ducts

Ceco Environmental Corp has acquired the UK-based industrial air quality consultancy and engineering firm Western Air Ducts Ltd, and its patented Inteliair air control system.

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Both brands will now be part of Ceco’s industrial air platform.

Western Air specialises in dust and fume extraction solutions, providing industrial air consultation, design, manufacturing, installation and aftermarket parts and services.

The acquisition adds a complementary line of standard size cartridge an Jump to Content group d bag dust collectors to Ceco’s portfolio. It also brings Inteliair, which has been recognized by the UK Carbon Trust for energy savings and environmental impact. The Inteliair Intelligent Control System uses smart sensor technology to sense demand, and automatically adjust and control air flow, particulate matter, and help customers reduce energy costs by 40% or more while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. Applications include hydrogen extract systems for offshore wind, waste extraction for aerospace composites, and dust collection for engineered wood manufacturing.

“This is another strategic and accretive acquisition for Ceco and expands our industrial air addressable market by more than US$150 million,” said Todd Gleason, CEO of Ceco Environmental. “The acquisition adds a standard product offering to our extensive dust collector portfolio, and the Inteliair energy-efficient smart logic controls provide significant opportunity for growth and global product introductions.”