Camfil launches real-time corrosion monitor

Camfil’s AirImage-COR corrosion control monitor instantly measures corrosive gases in the air to indicate the corrosivity level of an environment and the threat it poses to sensitive electronics and valuable assets.

With the PWA (progressive web application), the AirImage-COR offers a user-friendly solution to accurately monitor corrosion, temperature, relative humidity, and pressure via remote access in real time.

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when metals react with molecular contaminants in the air. Metal surfaces gradually deteriorate and compromise the integrity of electronic components.

Corrosion can lead to unscheduled downtime, costly repairs, loss of revenue, and increased safety risks.

“Monitoring corrosion requires accuracy and reliability and the AirImage-COR delivers both with its electrical resistance (ER) sensors,” says Thi Quynh Nguyen Mazo, Regional Product Manager for Industrial Molecular filtration at Camfil. “The AirImage-COR ER sensors have been qualified in a corrosion chamber to the ISA standard by injecting corrosive gases at different environmental conditions. The most accurate sensors were selected. The selection was based on the evaluation of a variety of sensors with different non-conductive substrates and metal track deposition technologies.”