Camfil Germany switches to 100% green electricity

Camfil Germany is now using 100% regional green electricity which means that all its air filters and air purification systems are produced entirely with local, renewable energy from sun, wind and hydropower.

Image copyright © j-mel - Adobe Stock.

By switching to 100% green electricity from regional supplier Stadtwerke Ratzeburg, Camfil Germany reinforces the Swedish group’s overall commitment to reduced CO2 emissions. This is also in line with Camfil’s long-standing membership of the UN Global Compact, and its ten principles promoting sustainability in companies.

“Every adjustment, no matter how small, makes a difference when it comes to acting responsibly. And with an immense power requirement of 3.4 million kWh at our Reinfeld location per year, the switch to green energy is really not just a small adjustment for improving our ecological balance," says Dirk Leinweber, Director Sales & Marketing at Camfil GmbH.

“Switching to green electricity means an additional cost of R6,000 per year for Camfil Germany. But it is worth every cent. We cannot wait for politicians to stop climate change. For us to rely on TÜV Nord-certified, regional green electricity is therefore an important step to help improve the world’s CO2 balance.”