Bürkert cuts delivery time on full-bore mag flowmeters

Magmeters, as they are commonly known, are used in many applications but replacement parts are often made to order which can delay projects for a considerable time. Faster delivery should benefit end users and process equipment manufacturers.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems offers magmeter technology with a range of options depending on the application. Known as the Type 8055, which has a flange fitting, and the Type 8054 which has a wafer fitting, the magmeters can be specified with a selection of insulating materials, display options and levels of ingress protection.

This range of magmeters can be used on a series of pipe diameters from 25 mm to 150 mm, and fitted with polypropylene, ebonite or PTFE linings. When combined with actuated valves, the magmeters can control high-precision dosing operations and flow measurement in potable water treatment as well as wastewater treatment applications.

Burkert’s Magmeters.