Boston hotel selects air purifier from UV Flu Technologies

UV Flu Technologies’ ViraTech UV-400 is approved by Edison Testing Laboratories and certified as a medical device by the FDA, the otherwise inconspicuous air filter kills more than 99% of indoor airborne bacteria while significantly reducing sinus-irritating particles and odours.

The XV Beacon plans to employ the ViraTech UV-400 upon request to ‘prep’ guest rooms for a one-hour period prior to arrival on a complimentary basis and for a small fee will make the unit available for continuous use to ensure their room remains nearly allergen-free throughout their entire stay.

John J Lennon, UV Flu Technologies president and CEO said: “As we head toward the time of year where holiday travel plans coincide with the onset of flu and cold season, the efficacy of our product can offer concerned hotel guests newer, healthier choices never before available when it comes to making their accommodation plans. We are thrilled that such a well-regarded property as the XV Beacon has the vision and leadership to see the potential benefits our product can provide their guests both at this time of year, but especially for allergy sufferers year round. We anticipate this market segment to grow exponentially as other properties grasp the significance of this new technology as we head towards 2011.”