BOFA launches Filtration Matters podcast

BOFA International has launched a new podcast series highlighting innovation in portable industrial fume and dust filtration.

BOFA's Josh Evans.
BOFA's Josh Evans.

The Filtration Matters podcast will engage the BOFA team in discussions about how extraction system design is helping companies to improve productivity across multiple sector industries including laser, 3D printing, electronics and printing, while also supporting workplace environmental strategies.

In the first of the series, Josh Evans, an applications engineer at BOFA, goes back to basics, explaining the underlying principles of filtration and how manufacturers can go about specifying technology tailored to their processes.

“Almost all manufacturers need filtration technology to remove emissions from a process and return clean air back into the workplace,” says Evans. “This not only makes for a healthier workplace, it also helps protect investment in equipment to enhance productivity and avoid unscheduled downtime.”

The Filtration Matters podcast is available here.