BioSystem Development and BAC BV collaborate

BioSystem Development and BAC BV aim to develop new tools and solutions to purify and precisely quantify biotherapeutic antibodies in complex samples (such as cell culture supernatant and serum), a critical step in the manufacture of new biotherapeutics.

BAC will contribute their proprietary CaptureSelect Antibody Toolbox affinity ligands, based on Camelid single-chain antibody fragments. The properties of these ligands, such as high selectivity and distinctive binding characteristics, provide increased flexibility in the purification process of any antibody format. BioSystem Development contributes the AssayMAP micro-chromatography platform, a patented cartridge separation system bridging complex chemistries with high-throughput, high-precision environments.

Scott Fulton founder and CEO of BioSystem Development said: “This collaboration provides a scalable format with the CaptureSelect purification technology. We are starting with the CaptureSelect Fab kappa and Human Fc ligands to enable parallel, high-throughput purification and analysis of antibodies and fusions from any source, bringing this technology to bioprocess research and development.”