Biorem receives two orders for biogas sweetening systems

One of the systems using Biorem’s technology will purify biogas captured from a landfill site while the other will purify biogas generated from the anaerobic digesters of a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The biogas sweetening systems will be installed and operating this year.  

Peter Bruijns, president and CEO of Biorem said: “These orders highlight the progress of Biorem’s expansion into the renewable energy market and showcase the potential for our proprietary biological-based systems to significantly enhance biogas recovery. While biogas can be generated from a variety of sources, it often contains impurities which must be removed. Using energy intensive solutions or chemical processes to purify biogas counteracts the value of biogas as a renewable energy source. As such, we expect our low-energy biologically-based systems will become recognized as an essential and economical component in biogas generation.”