Biorem awarded C$1.7 million in new orders

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These latest Biorem orders are for an industrial odour control system in Canada and an XLD based biofilter system in Asia.

“These new orders represent a strong start to 2010, but as importantly, our year-to-date orders show positive signs concerning municipal capital spending in the United States,” said Peter Bruijns, Biorem president and CEO. “Several of the other orders received this year fell under the small project discretionary spending category for municipalities in the United States, while others represented projects that were previously delayed by municipalities in 2009, but have since been bid by and awarded to Biorem. Both of these factors are positive indications supporting economic recovery in the air emissions control industry.”

“We are especially pleased that 25% of the orders in 2010 year-to-date have come from outside of North America,” added Bruijns. “We believe that this demonstrates the strength of our sales network and to the fact that we are recognised as an emerging global leader in clean air emissions control systems.”