BIO-SUN offers purified drinking water through UV disinfection and solar energy

BIO-SUN from BIO-UV is an easy-to-use photovoltaic terminal, which purifies drinking water using a combination of UV disinfection and solar energy.

BIO-SUN is able to provide healthy drinking water to populations who do not have it, using only solar energy. Contributing to economic development by providing a viable environmental solution, BIO-SUN can give rural populations in developing countries access to pure, healthy water and also provides drinking water to isolated areas everywhere in the world.

BIO-UV cites a number of key advantages for BIO-SUN. These include environmental considerations, such as a low carbon footprint and no use of fossil fuels. There are social improvements in terms of health due to a pure water supply and a reasonable purchase price. Low-cost production of drinking water also aids economic activity. The stand-alone water purification station has a simple design, and offers easy, low-cost maintenance.