Baldwin Technology to provide filtration systems to Norwegian print group

Later this year, Baldwin Technology will install 322 Baldwin EvenSpray World2 spray bars to upgrade existing systems on four of Schibsted Trykk’s newspaper web presses and install PureFiltration systems in three of its print production facilities.

Schibsted Trykk has bought Baldwin’s patented PureFiltration closed-loop system to clean dampening solutions at its Kristiansand, Bergen and Stavanger print production facilities. Two existing older-model “simple” systems were not performing satisfactorily and one location didn’t use any type of filtration system.

The PureFiltration’s design is based on cross-flow filtration technology, creating highly effective filtering performance, ultimately improving the overall dampening performance and efficiency of the press. Used dampening solution is fed from the circulator into the PureFiltration system, where sedimentation occurs, the solution is filtered to achieve almost original clean quality and is then returned into the circulator for reuse on the press.