BAC launches CaptureSelect HumanPlasma14

HumanPlasma14 is the first product from BAC’s CaptureSelect Proteomics Toolbox, which consists of a mixture of CaptureSelect ligands. CaptureSelect ligands are single-domain monospecific antibodies uniquely immobilized on high-capacity agarose-based beads, which have been proven in laboratory and large scale industrial applications and can be custom-combined for specific protein depletion needs. The slurry can be pre-packed into columns or used in custom-made formats.

Prof. Marina Hincapie of Northeastern University said: “The single-use format of HumanPlasma14 avoids the common problems associated with column recycling, such as clogging, bead regeneration and potential contamination of precious samples. Being able to support a loading capacity of 20-30 ul/ml means that there is less sample dilution and we experience better recovery and reproducibility compared to competitive products.”