Aqualyng begins construction of Caofeidian SWRO desalination project

Aqualyng, in conjunction with joint venture partner the Tangshan Caofeidian Infrastructure Construction Investment Co (IIC), has directed the construction phase to begin. The SWRO desalination plant will serve the water needs of the Caofeidian Industrial Zone in China and is the first phase of an expected total of up to 300 000 m3/day over the coming years. Aqualyng will operate the plant during the 30 year term of the offtake agreement. 

The plant will be built by the Hangzhou Development Centre of Water Treatment Technology Co (HZWT), and is expected to be completed during September 2011. Aqualyng will be supplying its patented proprietary energy recovery device, the Recuperator, to the plant. The total investment for the project is approximately $65 million. 

Brynjulf Lomsdalen,CEO of Aqualyng Holding, said: “This project is a breakthrough for Aqualyng. The Chinese market for desalination, one of the fastest growing in the world, has proven difficult for foreign companies to enter. It’s a source of pride that Aqualyng has been able to develop this project based on a contractual framework that we believe can serve as a model for future projects in China.”