Applied Nanoscience commissions pilot, launches IP sale process

Applied Nanoscience Inc (ANI), a US nanotechnology-based air filtration solutions company, has announced that a newly constructed pilot plant has been commissioned to ensure reliable production scale-up of the company's NanoFense technology.

3d rendering of virus infection close-up.
3d rendering of virus infection close-up. - Image © ustas - Adobe Stock.

This technology, protected by a US patent, involves a silver nanoparticle formulation that can be applied to any existing air filtration media. Its purpose is to improve filter performance against transmission of harmful pathogens, mold, and infectious diseases. The facility is operated under a wholly owned subsidiary of the company – KM Pathogen Defense LLC, located in Downs, Kansas. ANI had previously announced the successful completion of process enhancements for its proprietary antimicrobial air filter coating.

The company has also formally launched a strategic sale process for its intellectual property (IP) portfolio and has appointed Beluca Ventures LLC as its M&A advisor.

“The ever-growing demand for air filtration companies to provide genuinely protective solutions necessitates ANI's position as an attractive partner for the introduction of value-added products that enhance public safety against harmful pathogens,” said Thomas Allen, president and CEO of ANI.

“It has become evident that the most effective way to bring ANI's unique patented technology to market is by partnering with a major industry player possessing global distribution capabilities.”

Beluca Ventures CEO, Christian Lagerling, said: “ANI is a unique asset with its extensive IP and capabilities. Over the next few months, we will deepen current discussions and initiate new strategic dialogues with potential acquirers.”