Agitator suits mixing applications

The ITT agitator range is suitable for hygienic handling and offers minimal environmental impact and low power consumption. The agitators come in two blade styles: hydrofoil stainless steel and composite polyurethane for use different fluids and/or tank types. The advanced blade has a heavily backswept nature ensuring that high density rag or fibrous material cannot attach to it.

The range includes three models: the 4850, which serves many mixing applications and has an optional bottom support assembly to affix longer shafts to the basin floor and the 4860 and 4870 models are for digester mixing which include hydrofoil blades, a patented rotating stabiliser that secures the variable-length shaft to the digester bottom and a patented levelling flange with gas seal that makes it easier to adjust the shaft to true vertical by just one person.

The  Flygt 4860 and 4870 models also feature a wear-proof water lock to prevent leakage of harmful gases and agitator breakdown.