AFS offers short courses at WFC13

The American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS), organisers of the 13th World Filtration Congress (WFC13) are giving attendees the opportunity to take part in short courses led by experts in the field of filtration and separation.

These are rare educational opportunities that look into new technologies within the industry with leading scientific experts and industry veterans. Attendees can sign up for one morning short course and one afternoon short course at WFC13. Full details of the courses can be found on the WFC13 website here. 

Subjects covered on morning short courses include:

  • Air Filtration Market and Technologies
  • 3D Metal Printing in Filter Manufacturing
  • Microfiltration Membrane
  • Filtration & Separation Media Use and Market

Two other short courses are taught as one full day, 8-hour classes and they are:

  • Introduction to Solid/Liquid Separation I and II (Principles and Equipment
  • Introduction to Air/Gas Filtration I and II