AFS Conference - industry response to pandemic

The American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) will hold it virtual Fall Conference from 2–3 December and devote the entire conference to the filtration industry’s response to Covid-19.

The filtration industry has moved to centre stage during the Covid-19 pandemic. The AFS says the industry has never before had to confront the power of an airborne pathogen which is endangering the lives of millions, rocking the foundations of public health and causing an immense downturn in the world economy.

There will be three sessions on 2 December, the first about filter media and its role during the pandemic, the second about face masks and the final session will look at laboratory testing for performance against bioaerosols.

On 3 December there will also be three sessions, all of them based around filtration and air cleaning during the pandemic. The first two sessions will cover air filtration for confined spaces, while the third session looks at disruptions to the filtration industry.

The AFS says that the exceptional calibre of expert instruction at this virtual event will bring enormous value to filtration and healthcare professionals all over the world. More information is available here and those wishing to register can do so here