Addition to PSL FilterBox line

PSL 0.125m² FilterBox.
PSL 0.125m² FilterBox.

The new GFD FilterBox is a small scale version of Powder Systems Ltd’s (PSL) larger FilterBox products. The FilterBox technology consists of a small to large-scale agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD) or GFD integrated within a PSL isolator, providing high containment when handling highly potent APIs and other highly active or cytotoxic compounds.

The GFD Filterbox comprises 0.002m² to 0.05m² GFDs as part of PSL’s MINI, LAB and MAXI LAB glass filter dryer range. The GFD works on a vacuum and has a heated jacket for drying and a removable filtration basket for collection of the product. The filter dryer is suitable for process development during early stages and facilitates scale-up to commercial applications.

The FilterBox system can achieve containment up to nanogram levels protecting both the product and the operator during operations including charging, sampling, filtration, drying and discharging as well as base opening and cleaning, filtration media inspection and changing. The cleaning procedure can be performed safely because the vessel base, filtration media and discharge plug can be accessed in a contained environment. The interconnecting nozzles and pipes, discharge plug assembly, etc can be dismantled without any containment breach for a contained cleaning and maintenance as well as of the base and plug o-rings.

The FilterBox provides a more compact design than traditional separate agitated nutsche filter dryer and containment products. It is also scalable for laboratory to industrial production including 0.002 m² to 0.3m² ANFDs.