AAF International introduces premium pleated filter

AAF International says that when compared to the leading MERV 8 pleated filter in the market, the MEGApleat M8 filter reduces energy costs by up to 20%, lasts 30% longer, and is 40% stronger. The MEGApleat M8 filter’s design is claimed to be a good choice for sustainable building design and operation, standing up to the most challenging environments and applications.MEGApleat M8 filters promote maximum dust holding capacity (DHC) and can last up to six months or longer in most operating environments. This reduces the need to change filters every 3 to 4 months, saving both labour and material costs and reducing waste. More importantly, the MEGApleat M8 filter pays for itself through the energy savings associated with lower operating resistance throughout the life of the filter. The MEGApleat M8 filter is rated MERV 8.The design of the MEGApleat M8 filter includes a heavy-duty, galvanised expanded metal support grid combined with high-strength wet beverage board. The optimised pattern of the grid minimises blockage to airflow. The metal cross-sectional area is 40% larger than other wire-backed designs. The strength of the grid combined with the moisture-resistant glue formulation helps prevent blowouts and failures under the toughest environments, including high-moisture applications.AAF International adds that the MEGApleat M8 filter’s uniform media with controlled fibre size and blend minimises performance variations, providing dependable and consistent operation over time. MEGApleat M8 filter has been tested by an independent, third-party laboratory, ensuring that no commercial bias is present. This is the only way to verify that your air filter is performing to specification.