Green synthesis of polymeric membranes

The review article 'Green synthesis of polymeric membranes: recent advances and future prospects' has been published in Elsevier journal Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry.


Polymeric membranes are widely used in gas separations, liquid separations, and other processes such as fuel cells. However, methods and processes for manufacturing these membranes are usually harmful to the environment and/or human health. Although many new materials and synthesis methods are reported every year, green synthesis only makes up a small proportion. Therefore, more efforts are necessary to raise researchers’ awareness to green synthesis of membranes. One popular strategy to greenly synthesize membranes is to avoid toxic organic solvents or use water to replace organic solvents completely. However, many reported green methods could only realize green synthesis partly. The ultimate goal is to synthesize membranes in a completely eco-friendly way, where raw materials, membrane preparation, post-treatment, and other involved procedures are all “green”.

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