FILTECH 2023: 12 must-see exhibitors in Cologne

FILTECH 2023 will provide a platform for the entire filtration sector to get together in Cologne, Germany from 14–16 February 2023. Here is our pick of what not to miss at the exhibition.

FILTECH was last held in March 2022.
FILTECH was last held in March 2022.

Filtration+Separation will be exhibiting in Hall 7, Stand M50. Visit our stand to meet the team and pick up your free copy of our latest issue.



Hall 7, Stand P2

Ahlstrom has been serving the filtration industry for more than 50 years. -

With a new business name since October 2022, Ahlstrom is a global leader in fiber-based specialty materials. The company's purpose is to Purify and Protect with Every Fiber, for a Sustainable World. Ahlstrom's vision is to be the preferred sustainable specialty materials company for all its stakeholders.

The Ahlstrom Filtration division develops and produces high performance materials for transportation and for a wide range of air & liquid industrial filtration applications. Filter media solutions serve industries worldwide and offer unique filtration and separation products to the needs of customers. For transportation applications, Ahlstrom has a full portfolio of solutions which are delivering contaminant-free air and liquids, serving today's vehicles including electric and fuel cell vehicles. For industrial applications, the company has developed high quality products which are purifying air and liquid while protecting people.

During the FILTECH 2023 exhibition and conference, Ahlstrom is highlighting its over 50-year commitment to the global filtration industry. The company will showcase its new FiltEV platform, which is fully dedicated to electric vehicles. Ahlstrom understands the market challenges and has developed several commercial solutions to address unmet customer needs for high performance filtration materials for battery electric vehicles. The recent investment in increased capacity at its Turin (Italy) plant continues to support Ahlstrom's commitment to its customers to support them in industrial filtration. 



Hall 7, Stand L7

Synthetic filter media material and MiniPleat product from IREMA-Filter Germany. -

As a result of its continual research, IREMA-Filter has developed a proprietary synthetic material with particle separation of more than 99.5% (TSI 8130A; 32l/min; 5.3 cm/s). This represents an excellent pleatable combination of meltblown and backer material for highly efficient filters for specialized markets.

In addition, the company can now supply an ultra soft synthetic meltblown for the manufacture of FFP2 masks.

IREMA-Filter has also developed a unique 3-dimensional filter media for the automotive and HVAC industries. This new media design features an extremely high DHC for pre-filtration products.

Following on-going market research, IREMA-Filter can now offer its customers an excellently balanced ePM1 filter material, saving up to 37% in energy costs. This enhanced filtration solution combines an ePM1 70% efficiency with a very low pressure drop as well as a high DHC. This results in significantly less energy consumption per year compared to other standard ePM1 panel filters in the industry.

For more than 45 years, IREMA-Filter has produced synthetic filter media for cabin air, HVAC and other industry applications. Its unique 3-dimensional media design features excellent filtration characteristics. In addition, IREMA-Filter provides MiniPleats for the manufacture of finished filters as well as fully assembled filters (3V-cell, Hybrid filters), all tested according to ISO 16890, EN 779 or Ashrae 52.2. All machines and manufacturing technologies are developed, designed and built in-house.



Hall 8, Stand D22

Innovation through experience in filtration. -

HJS (Menden, Germany) provides a revolutionary approach to emission reduction through its leading-edge sintered metal filter technology – SMF.

In the last 15 years, more than 2 million m² of the 0.4 mm thin sintered metal filter material have been produced on HJS's fully automated production lines.

SMF is a mechanically and thermally highly stable filter medium that can be pleated and welded and is produced as a continuous belt with a thickness of only 0.4 mm.

In combination with the high efficiency of 10 µm, SMF is particularly suitable for hot gas filtration.

In many industrial manufacturing processes, very high temperatures of more than 800°C/1500°F produce large emission loads with high solid contents (dust loads) which must be filtered efficiently.

Due to the low temperature resistance of the textile bag filters used today, the exhaust gases must therefore be cooled down extensively at the cost of high energy losses.

Alternatively, with the help of SMF the hot gases can be directly dedusted in order to save immense amounts of energy and CO2 emissions.

HJS's current investment focus is on the industrialization of the manufacturing processes required for the production of the filter elements.



Hall 8, Stand C4 

Matec will present aggregate treatment solutions at FILTECH 2023. -

FILTECH 2023 will feature more than 440 exhibitors and a major international conference. The innovative force in the field of filtration and separation is strong. Particularly in air filtration, the values of particulate matter and gases affecting climate, health-damaging germs, and other impacts are leading to ever-new developments. But also for solids separation and solid-liquid separation there are always new developments with the search for maximum efficiency and superior qualities.

That's why Matec will be present with its wastewater and aggregate treatment solutions taking the exhibition opportunity to strengthen its brand awareness in Central Europe where it has always had a strong presence thanks to the strategic geographical proximity and support of its German subsidiary.



Hall 8, Stand B33

An automatic filter with separate control system. -

Founded in 1953, the PACO Group has continuously developed from a classic metal weaving factory into one of the most powerful suppliers in the area of metal filter media and the finished products made from them – all “Made in Germany”.

Together with HETA Verfahrenstechnik, a member of the PACO Group and a globally operating engineering specialist and manufacturer of complete, highly specialized systems for demanding filtration and separation solutions, the PACO Group has grown to be the only manufacturer in Germany that offers filtration and process engineering from a single source.

As a quality and innovation leader in many special fields of filtration and separation, PACO looks forward to presenting its latest innovations at FILTECH 2023.

With its new Intelligent Filter System, the PACO Group has launched the first smart, fully integrated and at the same time cost-effective control and monitoring system for automated and manual filtration processes, that enables the control and management of all of the filter system’s functions.

Another highlight in PACO's product portfolio is the new FDA compliant police filter, which ensures loading and unloading of tank and silo vehicles without foreign particles. This police filter impresses with its large filter surface and optimal flow behaviour due to its conical shape. Because of the abrasion-resistant nature of the filter body, wear and tear is reduced to a minimum, even when handling abrasive media. As a plug-and-play solution, designed by PACO, the filter can be adapted to customer requirements with a wide variety of coupling types and connection angles.



Hall 8, Stand E38 

Talamon's foam and pleatable flat filter media. -

Talamon GmbH, a manufacturer of special sorptive media for gas and air filtration, is expanding its portfolio.

In addition to its Premium-Line, based on spherical sorbents such as polymer-based activated carbon and various functionalised polymers, Talamon will in future be offering a new Standard-Line of filter media based on granulated activated carbon.

This way Talamon will be able to serve both niche markets with very demanding requirements and price-sensitive markets.

Talamon foam filters are characterised by a homogeneous, open-pored PUR foam with integrated high-performance sorbents (e.g., spherical activated carbons, special ion exchangers) or granulated activated carbon. By selecting the required sorbents from a wide range in conjunction with the appropriate foam porosity, Talamon foam filters can be designed and configured for almost any filtration task.

Talamon flat filter media consist of several identical or different layers of various high-performance sorbents (such as spherical activated carbons, ion exchangers, super absorbers) or granulated activated carbons, which are embedded between functional carriers. A wide variety of structures and combinations can be realised to meet almost any conceivable requirement.

By choosing the specific carrier and cover materials, foldability, and additional functions eg particle separation, can be realised.


Diemme Filtration

Hall 8, Stand B16

Diemme Filtration’s GHT5000F Domino is the world’s largest filter press. -

Diemme Filtration, headquartered in Lugo, Italy, is a leader in solid-liquid separation technologies with the widest range of filter presses available in the industry.

The Diemme machines are mainly used in the mining industry but also in the chemical/pharmaceutical, oil & gas, quarrying and recycling, and power industries.

The product portfolio also includes the high-rate sludge thickeners designed and supplied to complement Diemme Filtration filter presses.

Diemme Filtration has achieved a significant market share thanks to its ability to customize its systems, which are entirely designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific needs.

Every year the company's engineers validate new ideas, study alternative solutions or develop new products for sludge disposal. This constant commitment, combined with the experience gained over the years, allows Diemme Filtration to accompany its customers with extreme confidence from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the solution.

In 2021 Diemme Filtration launched the GHT5000F Domino which is the world’s largest filter press now operating in a copper mine in Peru.

To meet its customers' needs for these increasingly large machines, Diemme is doubling its production capacity with a new production building that will be ready by the third quarter of 2023.

The high-rate sludge thickeners achieve very high productivity and are designed to complement Diemme Filtration filter presses.

The sludge thickeners can be produced in sizes up to and exceeding 40m in diameter and “Bridge” or “Column” versions are available. Depending on project specifications, they can be made entirely of carbon steel, stainless steel (with or without a rubber lining) or with a concrete tank.

Diemme has also developed a new service called AIDA that enables continuous customer support ensuring the optimal operation of the equipment, dynamic maintenance plans, real-time KPI monitoring and data analysis. 



Hall 8, Stand E27

Donaldson's Tetratex ePTFE membrane filter media. -

Donaldson will be showcasing its Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Media solutions at FILTECH 2023. Company specialists will be available to discuss Donaldson's extensive range of different membrane options that are suitable for a variety of applications – including industrial filtration, fuel cell, life sciences and process filtration.

Tetratex is a proprietary expanded microporous PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, manufactured solely by Donaldson Membranes. It is laminated to a variety of base substrates to provide a complete range of media including woven and felted textile media for conversion into all types of filter bag, as well as pleatable media for cartridge style elements. Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Media can enhance the performance of the fabric filter by utilizing surface filtration technology as opposed to traditional depth filtration methods.

Since Tetratex entered the market over 30 years ago, it has been successfully used in a variety of dry filtration applications providing high-level performance and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Tetratex can help optimize filter performance, increase bag life and production rates, and reduce downtime. The unique structure of the membrane prevents the penetration of fine dusts into the supporting substrate and facilitates excellent cleanability due to its non-stick characteristics. It is ISO9001 accredited and has the ISO14001 environmental certificate.



Hall 7, Stand G3

Beverlin’s filter cores. -

Beverlin is a recognized leader in perforated filter cores and has been for 46 years. The company supplies a range of markets including industrial, oil & gas, aerospace, nuclear, defence, automotive, food & beverage and medical.

Beverlin can build any type of core that a customer needs: any diameter, length, material type, thickness and perforation pattern.

Vertically integrated, with in house perforating, Beverlin supplies product in both straight weld seam and spiral weld seam. Additionally, the company provides cores finished and ready for a customer’s filter assembly, including vibratory deburring, washing, passivate, electropolishing, tin plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, black phosphate, oil, anodize and e-coat.

Beverlin takes great responsibility and pride in producing cores for its customers’ filters. The company’s products are at the very core of each and every one of its customers’ products – customers know that they can always count on Beverlin.

Recognizing that on time delivery is paramount, Beverlin holds Kanban and safety stock for customers. On quality, Beverlin has a Zero PPM mindset. The company ensures its products meet customers’ drawings and quality requirements so that their assembly goes smoothly, and their media and filters can perform optimally. Beverlin collaborates with customers to help meet their needs (design, quality improvements, cost reductions, VAVE, Kanban etc). 


Haver & Boecker

Hall 8, Stand C13

The high performance of the new RPD HIFLO-S filter cloth’s 3-dimensional weaving structure can be calibrated at a pore size of 5 to 40 µm. Image © Haver & Boecker. -

In addition to its MINIMESH S filter cloth, Haver & Boecker has developed a high performance filter cloth that is fundamentally different from all previous woven metal media. Its 3-dimensional weave technology offers properties that make industrial filtration processes quicker, safer and more efficient. The open surface over an area is significantly increased due to the weaving structure. The medium’s flow-through rate can be doubled when compared to conventional filter cloth having the same pore size.

The pore size can be calculated beforehand. With these precision pores it is possible to attain a higher separation effect and shape stability. The pore size within a batch can be calibrated as desired from 5 µm to 40 µm.

The depth structure of RPD HIFLO-S offers a high separation effect without rapid blinding. Dirt holding capacity and cleaning capability are excellent.

RPD HIFLO-S can be manufactured from standard diameter wires. This has a positive effect on cost. Moreover, it is now possible to weave special materials such as Avesta, Hastelloy, Inconel or titanium in the small pore size range, which previously was not possible. So, for the first time RPD HIFLO-S offers a corrosion and temperature resistant filter cloth with pore sizes below 40 µm.

For a given pore size, RPD HIFLO-S provides twice the flow of comparable filter cloths, with excellent cut-point and stability, corrosion and temperature resistant special alloys and optimum dirt holding and purging properties. 


Lenzing Filtration

Hall 7, Stand L12

Lenzing Filtration‘s CakeFil effect. -

In January 2022, Lenzing Filtration filed a patent for a new cake and precoat filter candle design.

The target was to develop a support structure that is inexpensive to fabricate and that at the same time provides the lowest possible flow barrier allowing for a backwash flow as high as possible throughout the total candle length.

Lenzing Filtration’s CakeFil technology assures real process automation without interruption periods or any manual operation. The discharge functions either as slurry or, after an optional previous cake washing and drying step, as dry to the touch discharge.

Lenzing Filtration’s precoat and cake building technology will be on display at FILTECH 2023, along with its reliable backwash filtering system for the fine filtration of fluids for industry and water treatment. The company’s OptiFil and ViscoFil technologies ensure the highest process continuity at the lowest backwash quantities.



Hall 7, Stand H5

Examples of SAATI's fabrication capability. -

SAATI improves the life of every person every day. A car, a smartphone, a dishwasher and even a diagnostic test kit have one thing in common: they contain a piece of SAATI, a material specially designed to enhance the product’s purpose.

With almost 90 years of history, SAATI develops and manufactures porous media for high performance filtration. SAATI products include advanced technical fabrics, used when precision and mechanical robustness are mandatory. They can be supplied in rolls or fabricated parts in any configuration, from tubes to laser-cut shapes. The main applications for these filter media are in the automotive, food, process, energy and many other sectors.

Besides standard materials like PET and PA, SAATI offers high performance fabrics in PPS, PEEK and other advanced polymers obtained from weaving exclusive monofilaments. These materials are suitable for applications with harsh environments or high temperature. SAATI is constantly studying solutions to overcome customers’ new challenges, keeping the environment and sustainability as driving factors, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 integrated standards.

From the incoming yarns through to the finished parts, quality is precisely monitored and guaranteed, according to international standards and GMP. Healthcare and other critical products are processed in a cleanroom and comply with USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards.

Headquartered in Italy, SAATI has offices and production facilities across Europe, the US, India, China and Korea.