Under the terms of the new agreement, Oxford Medical Diagnostics will supply V&F’s high-performance mass spectrometry analysers in the UK and Ireland, and OMD will establish a contract batch sample analysis service to provide analytical services to third party customers using V&F’s mass spectrometers.
The two companies are also looking to perform joint research into areas such as bacterial headspace analysis, which covers analysing the space above bacteriological samples such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, as well as sports performance monitoring and healthy weight loss management.
“This is a great alliance for OMD, linking us to one of the most talented molecular analysis companies in the world. It brings analytical know-how, and the opportunity to earn revenues – an important discipline for early-stage companies, like ours,” said Oxford Medical Diagnostics chief executive officer Tony Marchington.
 According to OMD, the target markets for mass spectrometry include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, fine chemicals, oil and gas, the environment, and food and beverages.