Johnsen Oil developed and distributes systems that have an improved cleanliness standard for filtration in machinery, plant and commercial vehicles, and in the oil and gas, maritime and automotive industries. Its products represent a ‘new standard within oil cleanliness’ by filtration and removal of bound as well as free water (Oil quality level: NAS Class 5 – 6 continuously).
Areal Ltd and Rodex-Service Ltd are Russian Stock companies that supply filtration solutions to the oil and gas and industrial sectors. They work with a network of affiliate companies in Middle East and the CIS countries.
Based on estimates by Areal Ltd and Rodex-Service Ltd, the cooperation contract for Johnsen Oil will be worth between €10–20 million of product value per year, starting in 2012. The companies have developed a purchasing plan of 1500 units each, covering various sizes and models per year, following a 12 month building up period.