Potable water using thin film composite

Developers were required to provide a Chilean mine with its own drinking water supply, due to the constraints of the desert area. The successful pilot of a seawater membrane system led to a permanent...

Boiler feed water: Purifying cooling tower water reduces costs

Reverse osmosis technology has been used to recover valuable water from the cooling towers of the Datong Power Plant in Shanxi, China for use as a source of boiler make-up water.

Water treatment: Reverse osmosis softens water in Wisconsin

A city in the USA needed to replace its aging water softening technology. After considering the options, a new reverse osmosis system was selected.

Water purification: Ultrafiltration for portable water purification

The US Army have deployed a new generation of water purification technology during their military operations: an ultrafiltration pretreatment for portable water purification unit. In this article, we...