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Mobile water treatment units

how mobile systems can provide an economical solution

Dynamic membrane for micro-particle removal in wastewater treatment

Dynamic membranes are a promising technology for the removal of low-density, non-degradable micro-particles such as plastics.

Drinking water treatment plants based on groundwater may suffer from incomplete ammonium removal, which deteriorates drinking water quality.

Advantages of turnkey compact mobile water filtration units

Monitored contaminants in drinking water represent a small portion of the total compounds present, many of which may be relevant to human health.

Evoqua’s Ionpure CEDI modules success

WPL has taken on the challenge of building a wastewater treatment plant that will reflect the town’s environmental standards.

Process water critical for industrial facilities and manufacturing products. But what if the quality of the process water is not good enough?

One company provided the Water Treatment Works with a carbon dosing unit to ensure that the water was of sufficient quality for the customers.

One company has created a 2.0mm screen in an effort to eliminate downstream matting.

In a first for the UK water industry, a code of practice for assessing surface water treatment technologies has been published.

An innovative approach to the installation of a WPL HiPAF wastewater treatment system in the Czech Republic has cut costs.

Adsorption with activated carbon (AC) is a common technique for treating water to high quality; nevertheless, conventional AC entails certain drawbacks.

The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.

Research paper 'Water recovery from laundry wastewater by the cross flow microfiltration process' published in Journal of Cleaner Production.

Activated Carbon manufacturers should offer silver impregnated activated carbon that is compliant with the new Biocidal Products Regulations.

Chemical treatment is a vital part of wastewater processing for industrial manufacturing.

Microplastics are a global environmental problem. Around a third of the particles are caused by tire wear that is washed into the sewers by rainwater.

Research paper on removal of arsenate from drinking water published in Elsevier journal Process Safety and Environmental Protection.

Ceramic membranes offer an efficient mechanical separation technology for cleaning wastewater. However, the technique has been limited to molecules of 450

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Xylem Inc is ranked number 10 on Barron’s inaugural 100 Most Sustainable Companies list.


The need to remove pathogens from potable water supplies is long recognised. In this article the characteristics of pathogen groups are outlined alongside

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