The membranes point the way to solve problems resulting from gradual loss of permeability and clogging of pores that membrane manufacturers encounter.

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Neophil membranes have finer filtration capabilities

Neophil membranes have been granted NSF/ANSI 61 certification for drinking water production.

This certification for Neophil’s™ PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes will speed up the commercial development of this membrane technology. It was developed jointly by Arkema and Polymem for the global drinking water market, which is growing by 10% each year.

Arkema has developed a Kynar® fluorinated polymer grade which combines hydrophilic properties with PVDF. Using Arkema's material, Polymem, a manufacturer of membranes for water filtration, has developed ultrafiltration modules using Neophil™ PVDF hollow fibers which have now passed certification tests

Benefits of this hydrophilic technology compared to conventional systems include much finer filtration (suspended solids, bacteria and viruses), higher (+ 20%) volume of water filtered, and an extended lifetime.

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