These filters by Entegris enable reduced chemical waste and aim to improve cost-of-ownership.

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Entegris filters reduce chemical waste

Entegris’ ultraclean filters use polymer membrane technologies to capture contaminants in fine chemical and semiconductor manufacturing applications.

The collection includes the Torrento® X 7 nm, Guardian™ PS 1 nm, and the company's new Trinzik™ ultrapure water and high purity chemical filtration product lines.

Torrento X Series 7 nm

The Torrento X Series 7 nm filters are a cleaning solution for aggressive acids and bases at elevated temperatures, including sulfuric acid (SPM), HCl, NH4OH and other chemicals. The high-flow PTFE membrane was created to capture defect-causing particles that lead to yield loss in advanced applications.

Guardian PS 1 nm  

The Guardian PS 1 nm is a critical cleaning solution for dilute acids and bases at lower temperatures, including DHF, BOE, SC1, SC2 and other fine chemicals are the Guardian PS 1 nm filters. The high-flow polysulfone membrane was created to reduce start-up (flush-up) time and control particles with 1 nm retention rating performance.

Trinzik Process Chemical and Ultrapure

Trinzik Process Chemical and Ultrapure Water filters hope to increase fine chemical and ultrapure water purity with 0.1 µm to 20 nm retention rating performance. High flow, hydrophilic and hydrophobic PTFE membrane technologies enable high flow rate performance to increase filtration throughput.

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