The Type 8741 and 8745 mass flow meters and controllers offer a choice of all common Industrial Ethernet protocols.

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Bürkert’s MFM and MCM support Ethernet protocols

Mass flow meters (MFM) and controllers (MFC) provide measurement and control of gases.

Bürkert’s Mass flow meters and controllers provide measurement and control of gases.These devices feature an integrated Industrial ethernet switch and are used at high and low pressures and flow rates.

The two versions (8741 and 8745) can be used in metal; glass or ceramic processing; coating technology; or in the production of foams in the food and plastics industries. MFCs/MFMs are used in fermenters and water treatment systems. Users can choose between PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or Modbus TCP. 


The Type 8741 flow meters and controllers handle flow rates of up to 150 lN/min (relative to N2), while the Type 8745 devices permit a maximum of 2,500 lN/min (relative to N2). The mass flow controllers employ direct-acting proportional valves.

Type 8745 can also be combined with a Type 3280 or 3285 motor-driven valve for high-pressure applications of up to 22 bar. Valve orifices up to DN20 can be used for applications with high flow rates, even at low differential pressures. All MFC/MFMs are also available with UL approval. The MFC/MFM devices have short reaction times and thermal measuring principle operates independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations. 



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