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Evonik turns waste into fuel

Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, a sector of German specialty chemicals company, Evonik Industries, plans to launch its next generation of SEPURAN Green membranes in late 2017.

“Waste to fuel” is the motto of Evonik’s SEPURAN Green business. The use of biomethane derived from organic waste sources used as fuel alternative in CNG or LNG powered vehicles is still in the early stages but will become more and more popular and play an important part in meeting greenhouse gas savings and carbon footprint targets for individual companies.
Technologies for biogas upgrading to meet natural gas or pipeline specifications have experienced considerable progress over the past five years. The technology has advanced significantly, despite the fact that, in many countries, particularly outside Europe, the market lacks a proper framework.
However, the technology is beginning to establish a new standard for efficiency and has enabled a number of projects. Thanks to a simple modular setup, the technology is applicable for small, medium and large scale installations. The largest installation so far has been commissioned in Italy where 6,250 Nm³/h Biogas has been upgraded to pipeline quality biomethane.

Biomethane has the potential to gradually replace natural gas and SEPURAN Green membrane technology has the potential to play an important part in this development. Evonik continues to develop its membrane product portfolio for efficient gas separation. 

A white paper giving details of gas separation with membranes can be found by going to the Download section on this website and filling in a brief registration form.


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