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Water treatment products market to reach almost US$65bn in 2015

World demand for water treatment products is set to increase 6.2% per year to nearly US$65 billion in 2015.

While China will remain the fastest growing major market, Freedonia estimates that North America will see growth of 4.7% per annum, Western Europe 4.4% and Asia Pacific 8.1%.
In the more developed markets of the US, Japan and most of Western Europe, growth will come from efforts to increase water reuse rates, improve the quality of drinking water, and reduce water contamination and environmental damage. Freedonia believes this will boost demand for products such as advanced membrane systems, disinfection equipment and specialty chemicals used in industrial wastewater treatment. In the US and a few other developed economies, demand will also be boosted by increased desalination capacity.
In less developed, industrialising nations, growth will come from expanding sanitation services and from efforts to meet global standards for wastewater reclamation and effluent discharge quality.
World Water Treatment Products is available for US$6400 from The Freedonia Group Inc.

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Refresh said

22 October 2011
Check out

Refresh said

22 October 2011
Even in these tough economic times, we're seeing a steady increase in take up of Reverse Osmosis systems here in Australia.

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