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Working With Water

Desalination supplement

Established in 2007, the Filtration+Separation Desalination supplement continues to be popular and in 2010 we are publishing two special issues. These will be distributed to a wide range of people in this hot topic area, including 17,000 readers from our sister magazine World Pumps, plus bonus distribution at leading international trade shows. Published in March and October. You can view the most recent issues here.

Desalination September/October 2009

Filter Media supplement

Following the success of the Filter Media supplement, first published in 2007 we have publiWorking With Watershed this supplement specifically for filtration companies specialising in this area for the last 2 years. Designed to provide the user with topical and technical content the Filter Media supplement brings you the medium to reach users of filter media worldwide. 2 issues will be published in 2010 in July and November. You can view the most recent issue here.

Filter Media July/August 2009


Filtration Industry AnalystFiltration Industry Analyst

Committed to providing you with in-depth insight into the latest trends and business developments in the filtration and separation industries. Every month, all the information that you need to do your job more effectively has been reviewed, analysed and sifted for you by our editorial team. For more information, visit the Filtration Industry Analyst website.



Membrane TechnologyMembrane Technology

Membrane Technology brings you everything you need to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the international membrane industry, highlighting emerging markets, summarising important industry news and identifying new business opportunities for your company. For more information, visit the Membrane Technology website.