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Filter media features

Eaton helps wine to achieve stability

Filter cartridges help wine to achieve stability

The possibilities of hybrid meshes with GKD

Greater process efficiencies using hybrid-meshes.


Arville shines the spotlight on filtration media


Advantages of turnkey compact mobile water filtration units


Process water critical for industrial facilities and manufacturing products. But what if the quality of the process water is not good enough?


One company has created a 2.0mm screen in an effort to eliminate downstream matting.


An innovative approach to the installation of a WPL HiPAF wastewater treatment system in the Czech Republic has cut costs.


A shipping company which specialises in dry cargo needed to install scrubber to ensure that the met the standards for marine SOx compliance.


Non-graded wound filters are popular in the filtration industry, but filter efficiency is crucial.


The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.


One airport installed a strainer system which has been running sucessfully for 15 years without maintenance.


Microplastics are a global environmental problem. Around a third of the particles are caused by tire wear that is washed into the sewers by rainwater.


The research paper 'Filtration properties of carbon woven fabric filters supplied with high voltage for removal of PM 1.0 particles' has been published in


Operators of fine filtration systems need to move fluid efficiently from one side of the filter to the other while achieving their desired amount of filtra


The research paper 'Membranes based on Electrospun Lignin-Zeolite Composite Nanofibres' has been published in Elsevier journal Separation and Purification


The research paper 'Membranes based on Electrospun Lignin-Zeolite Composite Nanofibres' has been published in Elsevier journal Separation and Purification


Elsevier's Journal of Membrane Science has published a research article on 'In-situ monitoring techniques for membrane fouling and local filtration charact


The CEO of Russian air filter manufacturer Tion, has disclosed that by 2022, the company will have established substantial export markets for its air purif


In the biological wastewater treatment sector, biofilm carriers are increasingly being applied in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR). The diffusion depth i

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Special seals facilitate very thin cell designs.


A call for papers to be presented to an international audience at FILTECH 2019


ISO standard best practice guide.


Cleaning and recycling of industrial liquids with centrifuge filtering

What’s coming up in filter media…
Nov ’18

Fourth edition of Hygienix conference

Nov ’18

A Filtration Society Conference and Exhibition

Dec ’18

FILTREX is a conference covering markets, products and technology for the filtration industry.

Apr ’19

Plenary sessions, technical sessions, presentations and expo.

Apr ’19

Conference and exhibition supporting the growing filtration market across the Indian subcontinent and Asia.