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Filtration and Separation features

NCH offers liquid answer to biofilm problems

This article looks at the science behind biofilms and suggests an answer in liquid based treatment.

GEA's decanter technology increases fruit juice yield

High-efficiency decanter technology provided the reliability needed to help manufacturers maintain productivity and quality.


Coupling CSF to UF can enhance membrane performance and control fouling.


This study presents an effective way to optimize fabrication parameters of porous membranes for lithium ion battery application.


A simple method for selecting the optimal membrane distillation design for any industrial process.


This study estimates the energy requirements to expand seawater desalination capacity to meet the potable water needs of water-stressed regions in the US.


An interview with De.mem Ltd CEO Andreas Kroell, Membrane Technology, August 2018 issue.


A look at two heavyweights in coal preparation, which reduced abrasion during the separation process, so decreasing the cost of maintenance.


The composite Kevlar membrane separates oil/water emulsions with high efficiency.


What additive manufacturing is, how it works and why it can revolutionise manufacturing techniques in many areas.


The reverse osmosis process and the adsorption cycle are integrated to produce a hybrid system.


This study set out to determine if an advanced water treatment plant could produce potable water at minimal environmental impact.


Two different Pd-Ag supported membranes were prepared and tested in a FBMR.


Hollow fiber based diafiltration was used for purification of graphene oxide.


Pressure-driven membrane operations, such as nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, and thermally-driven ones, like membrane distillation, are compared.


This article explains how graphite/metal alloy bushings can reduce the cost of components of wastewater treatment plants by more than a third.


Diatomite precoat filtration is becoming a promising method for wastewater treatment.


The presence of inorganic substances in the composition of crude wax decreases its commercial value, necessitating purification of the product.


An antibacterial and environmentally friendly chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol blend membrane was prepared via a non-solvent induced phase separation method.


Vacuum membrane distillation (VMD) has been shown to be a promising desalination approach when going beyond the application range of reverse osmosis.

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All BWMS must be approved according to the revised code after 28 October 2020.


Seattle-based Membrion raises US$1.8 million in funding from local investors and the National Science Foundation.


Iron contamination can present a number of problems for water filtration systems for agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Daniel Ityel of A


Severn Trent signs an agreement for full-scale deployment of the Next FOG STOP technology, which reduces the build-up of fats, oils and grease in sewers.


The need to remove pathogens from potable water supplies is long recognised. In this article the characteristics of pathogen groups are outlined alongside

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