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Desalination features

Graphene oxide membranes for water purification in space

GO membranes could decrease system mass and increase crew member count onboard the International Space Station.

GreenPRO: A novel fertiliser-driven osmotic power generation process for fertigation

This study investigated the extraction of energy from the dilution of fertilisers via pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO).


This study estimates the energy requirements to expand seawater desalination capacity to meet the potable water needs of water-stressed regions in the US.


The reverse osmosis process and the adsorption cycle are integrated to produce a hybrid system.


Vacuum membrane distillation (VMD) has been shown to be a promising desalination approach when going beyond the application range of reverse osmosis.


FilmTec RO Elements to help enable a locally-controlled, drought-proof supply of drinking water


Max Fordham helps seven acres of ‘unusable’ land yield 130 tonnes of organic vegetables per year


Rapid depth filtration is the dominant pre-treatment technology in the seawater desalination industry today.


The applications and performance of graphene-based separation membranes (GBSMs) are compared.


Electrically conductive membranes offer high performance due to self-cleaning of fouling deposits by application of external electric fields.


An assessment of solar thermal-powered desalination technologies in order to identify key issues.


It is estimated that >840,000 end-of-life reverse osmosis membranes modules are discarded annually worldwide.


Hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes were investigated in two different operation modes.


Proper management and treatment of produced water has emerged as a big challenge for oil and gas industry.


Max Fordham designs pioneering saltwater cooling system


Abundant cheap and clean renewable energy sources are a promising alternative for powering modern desalination processes.


The article 'Freshwater production from the motion of ocean waves – A review' has been published in Elsevier journal Desalination.


Flat ceramic membrane produced by combining clay and natural phosphate.


Novel hybrid nanostructures were successfully synthesized and used to fabricate thin film nanocomposite membranes.


An overview of the current status of energy use for seawater desalination discussing factors influencing energy demand and new energy-saving technologies.

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Fluence to supply three Nirobox™ Smart Packaged seawater desalination plants to projects owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing.


The UF solutions are for a seawater desalination project in Oman commissioned by Al Asilah Desalination Company SAOC + OPWP.


Early pilots have shown increased brine recovery of up to 98%.


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